sound of reason

by MusicSpeak

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    Name: MusicSpeak
    Album: 'sound of reason'
    Release: Copyright 2012
    Label: Released independently by Musicspeak, Inc. [catalog #01]
    Performed by: Gary Williams
    Vocals performance provided by: Jennifer Laverdiere
    Music and words by: Gary A Williams
    Publishing: Gary Williams Musicspeak Publishing (ascap)
    Produced by: Gary Williams for Musicspeak Productions
    Mastered by: Ty Tabor for Alien Beans Studio
    Genre: Rock

    There is an album preview at with a random ~30 seconds of each track but I was careful to save the surprises within these songs for full album listens.

    Please support independent 'original dynamic rock' from Vermont. (Gary Williams)

    1. Solid Ground
    2. Tomorrow (The World Goes On)
    3. Omen
    4. Spin Around
    5. Why Can't I Follow
    6. Objects
    7. Sound Of Reason
    8. A Hundred Thousand Million Steps (Without You)
    9. Listen

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"'Original dynamic rock' with ranging influences, mixed together to bring a new, fresh sound to fans of timeless rock." [WWW.MUSICSPEAK.ORG]

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Written, performed, produced and recorded, etc. by multi-instrumentalist and music educator Gary Williams, and includes female guests vocalists (Erica Raff on album #2 'gravity of now' -launching summer 2015; Jennifer Laverdiere on album #1 'sound of reason' -out now) + a stage band to perform live. Currently finishing and releasing the trilogy project - next up is album #2: MusicSpeak 'gravity of now' coming summer 2015! Please support independent 'original dynamic rock' from Vermont, USA.

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Private Lessons and Music Instruction for drums, guitar, bass, percussion, production and more. “Serving central Vermont and beyond, since 1993”. Students of all ages and levels welcome and encouraged. Home schooled students, special needs, multi-instrumentalists, school band tutoring are all part of the program ...jump in now and PLAY! Owned and operated by Gary Williams; E-mail for information, rates, programs, scheduling +more! Phone upon request.

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"ooh ooh, well it's COSMIC ROCK, mmh ....ooh ooh, mmh-ba-ba-ba ...." -T.Rex

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MusicSpeak 'sound of reason'
Released independently by Musicspeak, Inc. (catalog #01).

BAND NAME: MusicSpeak
ALBUM: sound of reason
LABEL: Musicspeak Inc.
STREET DATE: out now
GENRE: rock
PRODUCTION: Recorded and produced by Gary Williams; Mastering by Ty Tabor

Musicspeak is a registered trademark. All rights reserved.


released October 1, 2012

Written, performed, recorded and produced by Gary Williams
Vocal performance provided by Jennifer Laverdiere
Copyright 2012
Musicspeak Publishing (ascap)
Released Independently by Musicspeak Inc. (record label)



MusicSpeak Vermont

"'Original dynamic rock' with ranging influences, mixed together to bring a new, fresh sound to fans of timeless rock." WWW.MUSICSPEAK.NET)

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